Comfort to Sleep

With the pressures of life assaulting us at every turn it is not surprising that many people find it difficult to fall asleep, tossing and turning for hours. With millions of people suffering from occasional sleep problems, just getting relaxed has become a difficult task. It Is only when we feel comfortable that we can relax. And it is only when we are truly relaxed that we can sleep soundly.

Here are some useful hints on how to help your self sleep better :

Make sure that your room isn't too hot or cold. Research has shown that temperatures below
55 or above 75 degrees Fahrenheit can disturb sleep.
If your feet are cold, wear socks.
If you have an allergy to pollen, close your window. An open window can allow pollen to enter your room.
Make sure your pillows are comfortable. Musty pillows interfere with sleep as they could trigger allergies.
Clean under the bed. Wash drapes, blankets and bedspreads to eliminate irritants.
The humidity must also be right. Air too dry could make your skin feel dry and contribute to a scratchy throat and stuffy nose, if it is too humid, you may feel sweaty and uncomfortable.
For some, soothing music at a low volume can help. Instrumental music usually works better than music with lyrics.